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: Fastream Technologies wrote:
: > C and Pascal are close relatives and the code is not complex since
: > you know the Pascal-correspondent. I know you are a busy coder but
: > please give high priority for this. I really do not see where the C++
: > conversion mistake is. It simply does not ask for NTLM-domain
: > information!! 
: I looked at your source (which is hard to read since there are no
: indentations), but cannot find the error.
: Obviously you override the two most important routines,
: THttpConnection.AuthCheckAuthenticated as well as 
: THttpConnection.Answer401 and also use a slightly different
: logic.
: Debug by setting the apropriate break points and single step
: thru the code.
: The difference of NTLM compared to the other auth-methods
: is that it needs one more step in the sequence, means the
: server must always send a 401 response containing the
: NTLM message 2.
: Also helpfull is logging the traffic with ethereal.  

What is the difference wrt Digest? Please check my private message.


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