32000  max,  whenever you could theorically reach this limit (which is
most   usure   because   of   Windows/Winsock/Network   card   drivers
limitations),  you  could  may  be add an option to manage two network
cards,  one  for  managing incoming sessions, other to manage outgoing
sessions.  This  way,  Winsock  should be able to handle 64000 cnx per
network card.

Considering  the  bandwidth  question,  instead  of  entering critical
section  thousand  time  per second, there is a more non-blocking way.
Just  create  a  timer that send some EVENT_TELL_ME_YOUR_COUNT to each
thread  (this trigger no critical section), then each thread send back
an  event  to  main app thread with the byte count as param, then just
do the calculation.


FT> We also create one thread per CPU initially and load-balance among
FT> them so this should not be a big problem.

FT> One other issue I have, for a reverse proxy, there cannot be more than
FT> ~32000 connections, right? I am speaking about the no-cache situation
FT> where there must be unique ports for a server and a client socket per
FT> each user with 64k sockets max.

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