Ilkka Ericsson wrote:
> I send mail to one recipient. Other progam like Outlook Express can
> manage this and before I load the last version it works with big
> attachments. (Test is a file on 1 meg. and have the extensin ".bzip")
> I have windows XP prof. Connection on 100 Mbits/s and 1024 mb fys.
> memory. 64-bit ADM-processor 3000 

So large attachments take very long time to transfer.
Do you have any live AV software running?
To be very sure I tested with mailsnd demo and latest V6 code, 
including my latest changes (see link in a previous mail) and
it worked like a charm, very fast! You should post more detailed
information (logs, ICS as well as SmtpProt.pas version numbers).  

> Just i got telefoncall from one who
> testing my program. He have connection internet via adsl and a
> router. My program have work even there but now it givs errorcode 503
> at request 9 + "command reguest before mailcommand". It have with
> helo/ehlo command to do. Ilkka

Obviously there's something wrong in your command sequence, you
need to provide some code from your OnRequestDone handler before
someone can know what's going on. Or post a comlete log of the
failed SMTP session.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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