Ilkka Ericsson wrote:
> About the slow sending of large files:
> I have OverbyteIcsV6Beta and OverbyteIcsSmtpProt.pas ver. 6.
> The erlier versions was not so slow. I belive that the waiting is
> before the mail is sent to smtp-server and the file is buffered up
> slowly before sending. 

The file is neither buffered in memory (well just a small chunk in
TBufferedFileStream) nor pre-encoded, it is instead read and encoded
line by line on the fly, means one small data chunk is read from the
file the it is base64 encoded and sent as a line, when the line has
been sent next chunk is read from file and so on. 

> Can it be something with the trigger? 
> "Do you
> have any live AV software running?" AV ?? Sorry ! I know nothing ?

Anti Virus scanner hooking into programms when they execute or 
some Anti Virus e-mail proxy server.

> What log do you want ? Are there any which email-testprogram can do ?
> (But not the messagelines because this content even the lines from
> the attached file.) Mvh Ilkka  

You need to find out which command takes that long, use mailsnd demo
and the left group of buttons to check it out. 
Upon which command (before Data) do you notice the delay?

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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