Anyone experianced TCP problems on windows 2003 ? I have 2 applications
(client / server - TWSocket) talking to each other. Customar run both of
them on 1 machine: W2003 SP1.

When 1 side send mutch data (5..10 Kb chuncks) it seems the other end
(whitch is sending ACK and so [small packets]) the packets does not come
on the TCP stack (not visible in SocketSpy witch hangs now between

This is in both directions.

Also: when 1 direction is sending mutch data, then the data is 2..20
times repeated (receiver receives same data over and over again).

Same applications runs fine on NT4, XP, W2K.

Sorrry I cannot give more debug info at the moment, so it will be
welcome if experiance on 2003 (running cli/srvon localhost) is coming as

thanks :)

Rgds, Wilfried

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