>> good to know but thats not the clean way.
>> and needs some additional cpu cycles on every headerline of course.

FP> The clean way to add features you need is to derive your own component from
FP> ICS component and add what you need in that derived component. I agree to do
FP> slight changes to ICS to allow easy changes where is could be difficult now.

FP> The idea is to not try to build a giant component by adding tons of feature
FP> which will not be used in most cases. All less used features should be in
FP> derived components, mostly made by the users and not part of ICS. That's
FP> what OOP is all about.

i see. though deriving a custom class becomes difficult if stuff is
hardcoded in the base component. could you imagine a component like
IdHttp with a hardcoded useragent ?

best regards, retnyg

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