>>>That appears correct, the THttpCli changes a POST to a GET request
>>>when automatically redirecting.
>>>RFC1945 however say that this is wrong:
>> That's true.  We found the same thing while building an interface to one
>> server.  Note, however, the major browsers all change the POST to a
>> GET.  The server we interface with, in fact, expects a GET at the 
>> location
>> it redirects us to with the 302 response.
> I remember long time ago we discussed this topic (post changed to get 
> after
> relocation) and we concluded that it must be done so because most browser 
> do
> not follow the standard and not doing like the browser will result in
> failure. That is probably how a bug in a well known browser become a
> de-facto standard ! Like it or not, if you don't do the same, your program
> will be accused of malfunction even if it perfectly follow the standard.

Is it possible that httpcli will not send/set the cookies after recieving a 
302? I think that might be the reason for recieving the bad request 

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