> In my Ethereal dump the location-header of the 301-response already has
> the space, so the server simply tries to redirect to an invalid URL, do
> we really have to workaround such invalid URLs in the THttpCli?

With followRelocation := True this URL will generate a 400 on ThttpCli with 
absolutly no option to solve it except with a more or less illegal 
httpClient.FPath :=  stringreplace(httpclient.fpath,' 

IE, Opera and possible other browser however will not generate a 400.

I have no control over servers that generate a more or less invalid URL and 
it its hard to explain to any user why such a url is oke with IE etc and not 
with any ICS based product.

As a reminder a quote from Francois in another posting

I remember long time ago we discussed this topic (post changed to get after
relocation) and we concluded that it must be done so because most browser do
not follow the standard and not doing like the browser will result in
failure. That is probably how a bug in a well known browser become a
de-facto standard ! Like it or not, if you don't do the same, your program
will be accused of malfunction even if it perfectly follow the standard.

And to add to this: I needed more then a few days before finally finding 
this one, it's onyl one single space that caused this :-) 

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