Ana Onarres wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to create a server socket that accepts connections of several
> clients. Every client, first, send data to server. This data are
> validated for server and then the server sends data to the client.  
> What difference is between to use TWSocketThrdServer and use
> TWSocketServer with ClientThread? Which is better for me?

With TWSocketServer you do not need client threads, TWSocketServer
can easily serve hundreds of concurrent clients in a single
thread.  That includes fast sending and receiving data to/from
multiple connected clients. It's because ICS uses non-blocking winsock
API. You need threads only for lengthy, blocking tasks such as a
DB query etc. For instance when a client requests data from a DB
you start a thread that executes the query, when the thread has finished
sent the result to the client.
ICS works event-driven, means that most methods return immediately
before they are finished, later when they finished another event is
triggered where you take further action.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> Thanks for your attention.
> Regards.
> Anne.
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