> In the examples ThrdSrvV y ThrdSrvV2, TThrdSrvClient appears with 
> TWSocketServer. It seems that it is used for adding the ClientThread 
> to TWSocketServer.

My mistake.  However, those examples show how to use the 
single-threaded server in a multi-threaded way by handling the threads 
manually.  ThrdSrvV3 shows how to use the TWSocketThrdServer component, 
which already does this built it.

> I understand that OnDataAvailable is used when the server receives 
> data.
> With the property Client, i can send data to the clients:
> For i:=0 to ClientCount-1
>    Client[i].SendStr(str);
> Next
> Ok?

Property ClientThread.Clients is the collection of clients on that 
thread.  The "Client" argument in OnClientDataAvailable is the client 
that received the data and triggered the event.

Or am I not understanding your question?

        DZ-Jay [TeamICS]

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