Thanks for your help. It is very useful.
I am using the TWSocketServer and have seen the examples. I have 2 doubts:
 - It is necesary to create the ClientThread and TThrdSrvClient. In the first 
one, I put the code for receiving data for client, send the server and then 
send data that are sended for server. I don't see clear the function of 
TThrdSrvClient. Can you explain me?
- In the event ClientDataAvailable, the client receive data. In this case, the 
data can to come the socketserver and the client. Do I use the Sender for 
Anne.> From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To:> Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 
15:54:50 +0200> Subject: Re: [twsocket] TWSocketThrdServer> > Ana Onarres 
wrote:> > Hello,> > > > I want to create a server socket that accepts 
connections of several> > clients. Every client, first, send data to server. 
This data are> > validated for server and then the server sends data to the 
client. > > > > What difference is between to use TWSocketThrdServer and use> > 
TWSocketServer with ClientThread? Which is better for me?> > With 
TWSocketServer you do not need client threads, TWSocketServer> can easily serve 
hundreds of concurrent clients in a single> thread. That includes fast sending 
and receiving data to/from> multiple connected clients. It's because ICS uses 
non-blocking winsock> API. You need threads only for lengthy, blocking tasks 
such as a> DB query etc. For instance when a client requests data from a DB> 
you start a thread that executes the query, when the thread has finished> sent 
the result to the client.> ICS works event-driven, means that most methods 
return immediately> before they are finished, later when they finished another 
event is> triggered where you take further action.> > --> Arno Garrels 
[TeamICS]>> > > > > > Thanks 
for your attention.> > > > Regards.> > Anne.> > > > 
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