> I've written a FTP-uploader without taking much care of speed issues.
> It uploads 17000 files with total size of 830 MB in 56 mins in my
> 100 MBit/s LAN (logging each FTP-command).
> What do you think, is that:
> a) Poor
> b) OK
> c) Fast
> I currently don't have any idea.

Actually, this is a lot of small files (48KB mean size).
Speed is roughly 2 Mbps which is low for a 100 Mbps.

Do you establish a new connection for each file ?
What about directory changes ?
Is it a single FTP connection for all files sequentially ?
Is it a single destination server ?
What about authentication ? If you do a new connection for each file, 
autenthication alone can be time consuming.
What if you transfert the same data volume (830MB) in a single file ?
Same question if you break into 4 large file and use 4 instances of your 
program ?

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