>>>> Actually, this is a lot of small files (48KB mean size).
>>>> Speed is roughly 2 Mbps which is low for a 100 Mbps.
> Just tested uploading a single 2 GB file at 44 Mbits/s, CPU use went
> down when server was writing to disk heavily so most likely real line
> speed is even better.

So the problem is not in your code, not in the component, not in the OS, but 
mostly in the network round trip of commands-replies and probably also the 
time needed by the OS to open/close the small files.

To have better result with small files, you probably have to use several FTP 
client component in parallel to upload many files simultaneously. One 
component will use the netwrok in one direction while the other is using in 
in the other direction and when the other is iddle waiting from an answer.

The is a sample program FtpAsy in V5 demos showing that if memory serve me 

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