is there a specific reason you want to use ics for that ?
imho its much simpler to do stuff like this with selenium.
you can remote control your browser via a perl script, ie.:

my $sel = Test::WWW::Selenium->new( host => "localhost",
                                    port => 4444, 
                                    browser => "*firefox", 
                                    browser_url =>
                                    ""; );

$sel->type_ok("username", "hanswurst");
$sel->type_ok("password", "f00");
$sel->click_ok("link=log in");

#writetofile tempfile
my $src = $sel->get_html_source();
my $tempfile = "temp.html";
open (TEST, ">$tempfile");
print TEST "$src";
close (TEST);

inside that script you can do anything that you could do with perl.

TG> I have been looking through peoples usage of ICS Components today and
TG> have  found it very interesting.

TG> I came across a posting where an individual was asking if you could
TG> use these components inside of Delphi to auto fill a form and click Ok.

TG> Is that what the sample that was posted does?
TG> HttpCli1.URL := ''; HttpCli1.RcvdStream := 
TG> TFileStream.Create('borland.html', fmCreate); HttpCli1.Get; if 
TG> HttpCli1.StatusCode <> 200 then
TG>    ShowMessage(HttpCli1.ReasonPhrase);
TG> HttpCli1.RcvdStream.Pos := 0;
TG> Memo1.Lines.LoadFromStream(HttpCli1.RcvdStream);
TG> HttpCli1.RcvdStream.Free;

TG> There is no mention of Post or Put anywhere?

TG> Would you be able to provied a better example of how you are able to
TG> auto-fill aspx input fields automatically and post the information,
TG> causing the page to update which would allow us to read the received
TG> strem
TG> containing the answer?

TG> Thanks very much for your help,
TG> Terry

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