You can't fill a HTML form using ICS, but you can send the same things as
the browser do when you submit an HTML form.
To sublit a form using the ICS HTTP client component, you must have a look
at the source of the form and extract the action (that is the URL which will
process the form), the method (that is either GET or POST), the encoding
(how to format data) and of course all the data fields. Once you have all
those elements, you can craft the same request as the one generated by any

If you are not that much good at HTML forms, instaed of looking at the
form's source code, you may use a sniffer and capture the request sent by
the browser when you submit the form. Then you have just to see what is sent
and how it is sent. See the link page at my website for links some free

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Subject: [twsocket] aspx page ICS Auto Fill, Post, and Read Answer

> I have been looking through peoples usage of ICS Components today and
> have  found it very interesting.
> I came across a posting where an individual was asking if you could
> use these components inside of Delphi to auto fill a form and click Ok.
> Is that what the sample that was posted does?
> HttpCli1.URL := ''; HttpCli1.RcvdStream :=
> TFileStream.Create('borland.html', fmCreate); HttpCli1.Get; if
> HttpCli1.StatusCode <> 200 then
>    ShowMessage(HttpCli1.ReasonPhrase);
> HttpCli1.RcvdStream.Pos := 0;
> Memo1.Lines.LoadFromStream(HttpCli1.RcvdStream);
> HttpCli1.RcvdStream.Free;
> There is no mention of Post or Put anywhere?
> Would you be able to provied a better example of how you are able to
> auto-fill aspx input fields automatically and post the information,
> causing the page to update which would allow us to read the received
> strem
> containing the answer?
> Thanks very much for your help,
> Terry
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