asvetov wrote:
> Just updated to The same problems. But I have noticed
> important thing: the problem not occurs if PC is NOT connected to the
> LAN/Router (really unplugged stand alone). If PC is connected to the
> LAN/Router (no matter if client and server on the same machine) the
> problems occurs.    

My first user impression of Kaspersky:

After installation Windows doesn't shutdown properly any more, note this was a 
clean install !!

The following handles in user profile hive W2KSP4\Administrator 
(S-1-5-21-583907252-287218729-839522115-500) have been remapped because they 
were preventing the profile from unloading successfully: 
avp.exe (472)
  HKCU (0x3d8)

It's a huge suite, with probably plenty of huge bugs. Forget it, instead  get 
ClamWin, a reliable 
hardware router and don't open e-mail attachments <g>
Arno Garrels

> 09.03.08, 21:17, "Arno Garrels" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> asvetov wrote:
>>> Have you tried all in passive mode?
>> Yes.
>>> I've
>>> WinXP Pro (not virtual) with Kaspersky IS (actual
>>> version). 
>> W2K SP4, IS downloaded today from their German website.
>>> As I said with 7x it happens not always, but this way I can
>>> reproduce the problem in 99%: on the server side I create directory
>>> structur with about 100 subdirs -> then in xferdemo2 I click on
>>> "list host files" (MultiFTP tab). The problem usually occurs.
>> I listed entire volume C: which has not the depth of 100
>> subdirs.
>> --
>> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>>> 09.03.08, 20:34, "Arno Garrels" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>>> asvetov wrote:
>>>>> I've reproduced this problem yesterday and I did it right now
>>>>> again (many times).
>>>>> start OverbyteIcsFtpServ.exe from your archive.
>>>>> start xferdemo2.exe -> activate options: No Feta, No Mode Z, No
>>>>> MD5/CRC Check, No TMP File for UP/DOWN, all diagnostics level
>>>>> activated -> click "Check Upload" -> the problem occurs after
>>>>> first LIST -> CPU utilisation = 99%
>>>> Sorry, I cannot reproduce the problem. I even installed current
>>>> Kaspersky Internet Security 7 Trial on a clean virtual machine.
>>>> Plenty of downloads w/o any error from both ICS and FileZilla
>>>> server. --
>>>> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
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