Currently I have a program that works 99% OK ;-)
I compose a rich text email in 
BodyText: TJvRichEdit;
and I send it with code like this:-
      if BodyText.PlainText then sl.Text := BodyText.Text
      else Common.JvRichEditToHtml.ConvertToHtmlStrings(BodyText, sl);

where sl is a TStringList.
Then (code that was straight out of an example) :-
procedure TSMTPMailMsgForm.SmtpClientGetData(Sender: TObject;
  LineNum: Integer; MsgLine: Pointer; MaxLen: Integer; var More:
  Len: Integer;
  if LineNum > sl.Count then
    More := FALSE
  else begin
    Len := Length(sl.Strings[LineNum - 1]);
        { Truncate the line if too long (should wrap to next line) }
    if Len >= MaxLen then
      StrPCopy(MsgLine, Copy(sl.Strings[LineNum - 1], 1, MaxLen - 1))
      StrPCopy(MsgLine, sl.Strings[LineNum - 1]);

Now this works and we get nicely formatted emails sent out.  EXCEPT when
the user puts an Image into the BodyText (TJvRichEdit).
In this case the image is simply dropped.
I'm hoping that there is a simple solution that doesn't involve
rewriting too much !


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