Does anyone here know how to implement a "Reverse ARP" request?

I have a piece of hardware that has a network port for remote control
(RJ45, 10/100 UTP etc) but next to no physical user interface, but it
does support IP address assignment by DHCP.

The documentation says to do a "Ping cXXXXXX" (Where XXXXXX is the last
6 digits of it's "hardware" address, with no -'s or :'s) to "discover"
it's assigned IP address, after that to use  Telnet client to control
it's functions.

Needless to say, that doesn't work on any system I've tried.  In fact, I
can find no implementation of the Ping command that takes has a "c"
subcommand and paramater like that, in either the Windows or Linux

So, after extensive googling etc (and a few confusing RFC's) I find I
need to do whats called a "Reverse ARP" request...   Can this be done
with ICS?   Or, is it Socket programming time....


Dave B.
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