Thanks Angus...

I need to do this in a way so as to minimaly impact the network as a
whole, while "discovering" the gadgets IP address.   The last time I
"Pinged" an entire (class C) subnet, I got a visit from IT!..  ;-)   I
think they were more upset I knew as much as they did about such

The unit itself is an industrial RF amplifier, the network port it has
is a bought in part I've discovered, that supplier (Lantronix) have some
tools available to do this, but they are not exactly user (read, less
than capable customer who knows nothing about networks) friendly, as
they have way too many opertunities to mangle the settings, or are not
available for redistribution, such as on the units CD manual disk..

We know the unit's MAC address, it's printed on the case, we just need
to query it to find it's assigned IP address.  Querying the DHCP server
is out of the question sadly, even though I know how to, I don't have
the rights to do so.   I'd doubt if any user would either. 

Oh well, the search continues.   Yes, as you say, lots of Google hits,
but no real details..   Did find a couple of other people looking for
the same, some years back.

Thanks again.

Dave B.

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> > Does anyone here know how to implement a "Reverse ARP" request?
> > 
> > I have a piece of hardware that has a network port for 
> remote control 
> > (RJ45, 10/100 UTP etc) but next to no physical user 
> interface, but it 
> > does support IP address assignment by DHCP.
> If the hardware sets it's IP address using DHCP, then the 
> DHCP server should be announce the address, but whether this 
> is accessible programmatically is another issue. 
> You can ping the local subnet to find which IP addresses are 
> in use, and try to connect to find your device.  Using a 
> threaded ping, you can send off 253 pings at the same time to 
> avoid all the timeouts waiting for responses. 
> The Microsoft IP Helper APIs do offer some ARP functions, but 
> they appear to relate only to ARP on the local PC.  There is 
> a SendARP function, but it just returns the MAC address for a 
> remote PC by IP address, whereas you want the reverse.  
> Google brings up a lot of hits on Reverse APR and RAPR, but 
> the first page does not show any tools or implementations, 
> just background. 
> Angus
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