it seems that I have a problem with the HttpCli component.
The client send an xml to the server using the POST method (synch). The server
require an authentication (basic). When the xml is greater than a certain size
(160k are enough) the server answer with a 400 (IIS/Tomcat: Bad request) or 414
(Apache/Tomcat: URI too long) status code.
I analyzed the communication using WireShark and this is what I observed.
The server answer with 401 before the client has finished to send the xml. The
client continue to send the rest of xml, but the server "think" that it is a new
request and then return the error. At this point the client stop and raise an

I'm using ICS V5 (not the last one because I'm using a customized version).
Is it a known problem solved in a more recent version?

Bye, Maurizio.

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