Seems to be a server issue.  Even if the server
requires authentication, the response should not be
sent until the entire request is received.  This
behaviour is very strange indeed.  Are you sure that
the response is sent before the XML file is sent
completely (i.e. the request is completed)?


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it seems that I have a problem with the HttpCli
The client send an xml to the server using the POST
method (synch). The server
require an authentication (basic). When the xml is
greater than a certain size
(160k are enough) the server answer with a 400
(IIS/Tomcat: Bad request) or 414
(Apache/Tomcat: URI too long) status code.
I analyzed the communication using WireShark and this
is what I observed.
The server answer with 401 before the client has
finished to send the xml. The
client continue to send the rest of xml, but the
server "think" that it is a new
request and then return the error. At this point the
client stop and raise an

I'm using ICS V5 (not the last one because I'm using
a customized version).
Is it a known problem solved in a more recent version?

Bye, Maurizio.

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