Scrive Paul <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> I'm trying to use TProxyInfo with D2009.

Very interesting ;-)

> Since Wininet is not unicode enabled, I've changed all Char, PChar and 
> String to Ansi except the variables used by ICS-function ParseUrl.
> I get about 60 Warnings :-(

I see. I can try to adapt it to D2009.

> Anyone used Winhttp instead Wininet for this ?
> It's unicode enabled and can handle WPAD which is commonly used now.

Ok for unicode support, but why you are convinced that WPAD is not handled by 
WinINet? From

DetectAutoProxyUrl Function
Attempts to determine the location of a WPAD autoproxy script.

If it doesn't get it I don't expect that Winhttp does.
Eventually get out that function from TProxyInfo and try with different 
dwDetectFlags values.

Bye, Maurizio.

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