>Only for lazy people that attach the entire previous message including
>all the unsubscribe information.


So Arno is lazy? :)

>But most forums I see also include massive quoting, and show entire
>threads on a single page, so you have to scroll past all the messages
>you've seen before to see is anyone has added a comment.  So you waste
>hours and hours looking for new messages, unlike a decent email client
>that allows each new email message to be seen by a simple CR key.   Ditto
>a decent NNTP reader.   So I rarely read any web forums. 

Yes, there are people who use to overquote posts though it's usually a 
forbidden thing on most forums. I hate them :) But what's the goal of quoting? 
To track discussion in a mess of tens various topics, as now. But in forums 
topics are already divided, and when you open topic, you see all previous 
messages, so there is no need of quotes or they can be small. New messages? All 
forum implementations allow "Unread messages" feature - you see which posts you 
haven't read. Moreover, there is one pretty good thing like RSS, which allows 
to be always informed about new messages.

And another argument: if I wish to save the whole thread, what should I do now? 
Download archive, select needed messages and merge it by hands?

Regards, Anton
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