I thought that the root dir could be something definable, and therefore
may be different than the domain name?
Like the root dir for
"www.geocities.com/Athens/111/delphi/docs/sockets.html" would be
"www.geocities.com/Athens/111/delphi"? But you say it would be
"www.geocities.com", correct?

Thanks for the replies - this is helpful.

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>> Hi, I'm using httpcli to save a webpage html doc and I extract all of
>> it's image locations to a text file by saving the '<IMG SRC=' tags.
>> Afterward I want to download all of the images, but how can I
>> the TRUE location of the images? For example, say the image tag is:
>> '<IMG SRC='test.com/photo.jpg'' - for all I know, "test.com" could
>> be a directory on the server or it could be the website. Another
>> example, say the image tag is: '<IMG SRC='/photo.jpg'' - so the image
>> in the root directory of the website, but who knows what the root
>> directory is? It may simply be 'test.com', or if the html doc is
>> in a subdirectory, it may be something like 'test.com/users/me'.
>> So, what is the appropriate way to determine the actual true location
>> these images from the 'IMG' tags?
>If the image URL starts with "/" then it is an absolute URL. Just
>the website URL and you have the image URL.
>If the image URL doesn't starts with "/", then it is a relative URL.
>must prepent de URL of the page where the you've found the image,
>the document itself.
>Example: Assuming you are getting a page from 
>If you find an image source URL as "/photo.jpg" then the complete URL
>If you find an image with URL "test.com/photo.jpg" then the complete
URL is 
>> but who knows what the root directory is?
>The root directory is alwas easy to find. It is the URL starting from 
>"http:" up to the first "/". In my above example, the root is simply 
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