> One more question: when I try to retrieve some images using the appended
> "www.", the image does not download, but when I omit the "www.", it
> downloads correctly.
> Try doing a GET request for "notepad.com/images/firebug.gif" and it
> works. Try "www.notepad.com/images/firebug.gif" and it does not.
> Either way will work in my web browser, but with HttpCli it only works
> without "www."

Actually it works if you allow HttpCli to follow relocation.
The real location for the image is without "www", but the server do a 
relocation if you prepend "www". Your browser automatically follow 

Use HttpTst sample program to play with that url.

> Is it possible to determine which format to use with HttpCli besides
> doing a HEAD every time?

I don't understand what you mean.
HttpCli doesn't care about data format. It is just a HTTP transport layer, 
whatever data is transported.

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