Hi Francois,

I think it's processing power.
I have now 2 client that have a pc which is +/- 3/4 years old.
It fails on both.
Newer PCs  fine.
So this is a probably a race condition problem in ICS V7


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I have a few error reports of an application compiled with D2009.
I've made a few testprograms to get the source of the error.
On startup, a small xml is downloaded and this goes wrong with
The returned statuscode = 0.
The same testprogram compiled with D7-ICSV5 works fine.
I can't replicate it on my development PC: it works fine here.
The websevice is behind a hardware SSL decryptor.

Any ideas ?

If it is not reproductible on your PC, it is likey that the cause is not in
D2009-ICSV7 but in a race condition. One of the most difficult bug type to
find !

Does ICSV7 need more processor power ?

Compared to what ?
Anything compiled with D2009 requires au little bit more power than when
compiled with previous releases since unicode string are doubled in size
compared to AnsiString and there are a lot of conversions here and there.

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