I now have comfirmation of several clients that https is broken.
I've submitted them with simple testprograms (D7-IcsV5 and D2009 Ics-V7) that does a simple GET request to a webservice. The testprogram compiled with D2009-IcsV7 fails on those computers (only https)
The probem is in Ics-V7

Can you publish the test program and everything needed to reproduce the bug ?

If the bug occurs only on some computers, it is likely that it comes from those computers. What is the common point between those computers ? Which OS version, winsock and so on? Do they have the same OpenSSL DLL ?

One frequent cause of trouble are security products such as personal firewalls, virus scanners, parental control sand the likes which intercept socket I/O. Virus, trojan horses and other malware are also an excellent candidate for causing such trouble. Many of those are implemented as LSP. Looking on the differents computers for unusual LSP could help.

LSP can be seen in registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WinSock2 and also using Windows Defender (Software explorer) and probably many other utilities.

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