Pete Williams wrote:
> Hi
> I Have some more information about this.
> I'm using D4 (not D2009 as I posted before, it had been a long day.
> Here's a recap, and some debug info:
> - MailSnd words just fine in D4 and has no problem
> - Unlike mailsnd, my app is running in a thread. The thread has a
> message pump, and like I said for smaller emails, everything works
> just fine. I can post the code for the message pump if you like.  
> - I have set-up logging to file using the IceLogging component.
> Here is the (truncated) results. Basically what seems to happen is
> about 250k of data gets sent, but it varies, and then OnRequestDone
> gets fired, with smtpData as the request type. Like in the MailSnd
> demo, I response with a quit.

No idea why this happens with your code, maybe in line 2456? ;-)
Please show us some code.   
All I can say is that I have been using TSmtpCli V5 in a worker 
thread with large and very large attachments over many years w/o 
any problem of that kind (D4 and D7).

Arno Garrels

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