> Every time I upgrade from the old FPiette software to any of the 
> Overbyte versions I have been experiencing the occasional problem.

What problem?  You need to supply detailed logs showing the specific
component versions being used, commands sent and received and the errors.

> the application basically sends a LIST command to the server every
> 3 seconds

Not a good idea to poll a server in this way, some firewalls and routers
may get upset by continual short connections.  I had a cheap Netgear
router a long time ago that broke repeated LIST commands.  This is one
reason I added the FTP CMLSD command to avoid short data connections. 

> So my question to anybody in the know is this: Is there any 
> fundamental difference in the way these two FTPClient components work?


I've had every different version of the FTP client and server components
in use daily for several years, with no long term 'occasional problems'.
There may have been short term problems in new beta versions which were
fixed within a few days. 


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