> When I get the FEAT response, where do I look for the results? 

The results are parsed by the component into numerous ftpFeatxxx types so
applications know whether specific features are supported.  
You need to log LastResponse to see them all as literals, but I'm sure
your program does that for diagnostics already, otherwise you won't know
the reason for commands that fail. 

> Although I  think this is irrelevant since I have found the spec
> for the server and the only FEAT supported is UTF8.

In which case MLST won't work either. 

But some FTP servers support special SITE commands that offer alternate
indexing that is better than LIST. 

Also, V2.108 does not support UTF8, that was not added until V7.01, this
may not matter provided you never send or receive characters higher than
x07F in file or directory names, but otherwise you are in trouble. 


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