You should call WSAGetLastError to know why the call fails.
Also you must be sure to call your function at a time that the Handle property is initialized.

By the way, in the description for IP_TOS, I read the following: "Do not use. Type of Service (TOS) settings should only be set using the Quality of Service API. See Differentiated Services in the Quality of Service section of the Platform SDK for more information."

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In a TWSocket you have access to the low level socket ahndle using
Handle property. You can issue winsock API function call using that

So the following code should work!?
WSocket_SetSockOpt does not throw an exception but returns -1.
What kind of error is this?
Any errors I would expect are in the 100xx or 110xx range.

procedure SetToS(aTWSocket: TWSocket; aToS: Byte);
 Len: Integer;
 Result: Integer;
   Len := 1;
   Result := WSocket_SetSockOpt(aTWSocket.Handle, IPPROTO_IP, IP_TOS,
@aToS, Len);
   if Result = 0 then
     Log('ToS set')
     Log('ToS not set: Errorcode ' + IntToStr(Result));
   on E: Exception do
     Log('ToS not set: ' + E.Message);

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