with an old version of ics, i use OnProgress for update a label with current trasfer,
now i move to OnProgress64 but i see that event is fired every second,
there is a way to have an update every 100 ms ?

Updating a label every 100 mS is a non sense.
Updating once per second is enough.

in my case have sense : i need to create a graph with instant bandwish and other.

There is a way to have an instant update like the old version?

Should be the same as in previous version, except if you are using bandwidth control (ftpBandwidthControl in Options). Without bandwidth control, progress event is called for each received/sent datapacket. Have a look at the component source code (Put a breakpoint in you progress handler and see where execution is coming from).

Anyway, evaluating bandwidth every 100 mS is probably not that good, unless your network is blazing fast. And in that case, it is likely that your bandwidth evaluation will slow down transfer quite a lot.

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