Svemu - Reparto Sviluppo wrote:
> From: "Arno Garrels" <>
>> I already wanted to fix it but
> very good
>> since I can no longer override the internal TWSocket class
>> I canceled this idea.
> ops :D
>> Anyway your interval of 100ms is too short.
>> Updating the GUI, especially a ProgressBar, in such short intervals
>> is a performance killer.
> i update GUI with a thread, than the update of the gui don't impact on
> global performance.

That's fine and depending on your implementation won't slow down 
transfer speed very much.

I'll see what I can do, a fix IMO required to revoke Anton's change, 
rev. #471, which introduced protected method CreateSocket: TWSocket; virtual. 

Arno Garrels 

> From: "Jeff Hamblin" <>
>> I believe the poster stated "100 ms" -- which would be 10 times per
>> second. Probably a bit overkill still, but does provide a smoother
>> display that once per second.
> Yes, this is the goal !
> this is a very simple example:
> BTW now i solved with an avg on the last 2 values.
> Now i check with a small files.
> Thank You,
> regards
> daniele
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