Svemu - Reparto Sviluppo wrote:
>>> with an old version of ics, i use OnProgress for update a label with
>>> current trasfer,
>>> now i move to OnProgress64 but i see that event is fired every
>>> second, there is a way to have an update every 100 ms ?
>> Updating a label every 100 mS is a non sense.
>> Updating once per second is enough.
> in my case have sense : i need to create a graph with instant
> bandwish and other.

The OnProgress(64) event triggers once when the FTP internal send
buffer has been sent (event TWSocket.OnDataSent triggered).
Recently, for performance purposes, the internal FTP send buffer
size grew to 32KB, so depending on your network speed it is
possible that you do not see a progress in such short intervalls.
And if you send or receive files smaller or equal that size the
OnProgressEvent triggered just once. I already wanted to fix it
but since I can no longer override the internal TWSocket class
I canceled this idea. Anyway your interval of 100ms is too short.
Updating the GUI, especially a ProgressBar, in such short intervals
is a performance killer.   

Arno Garrels

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