That's why you need a server socket listening at each client computer.
Every time the a client computer starts, connect to the Server computer
and introduce himself. Hey, my name is "Earl" and I'm listening  to your
commands at this "Address". I will report to you any errors occurring here.
With this introduction message you can now add one more Client computer
to your "Combobox" of the Server Application.  Now you have a Client
that, even if disconnected, you know is listening at that "Address" for
any command the Server wish to send.

There is a reason for not doing it.
The clients will be placed in different locations and the idea is to have ports opened only at the Server site. Clients are not having static IP and the place where clients are gonna be doesn't allow top open any ports for incoming trafic etc.

Connecting from the server to the server placed in clients isn't going to work in my case or perhaps I am mistaking?

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