My packets looked like this:

TxData: CV121RML-0002|NN130120080707-170202|20080707-170204||||||
RxData: CS010PC08|20080707-160204|0|RML-0002|

Thanks Angus,
I understand what you mean but this unfortunately is too much for me :(
I can't make/handle this because I don't even know how to handle these TxData or RxData.

That is why I have been desperately seeking for an easier solution for sending commands to the client.

I have been trying to use the IP (PEERADDR) and the port (PEERPORT) in this,
SslWSocketServer1.Client[0].SendStr(ledSendCommand.Text + #13 + #10);
for trying to send with no success.

The command is gonna be typed into a "TLabelEdit" component which is text and sending requires integer and I still can't find the way of handling it.

such as: "SslWSocketServer1.Client[PeerAddr ].SendStr(ledSendCommand.Text + #13 + #10);" --> have tryed this in hundreds of ways and can't unfortunately make it work.

Do you think it would work if,
I create another "TLabelEdit" which will carrie the IP address of the client and convert it to an integer before use,

Use as,
Type the IP of the client into this "TLabelEdit", convert it to integer.
Find the PeerAddr. which is placed in this label from the display component,

and than use as:
PeerAddr. := ledEdit.Text;  //this will be converted to integer
SslWSocketServer1.Client[ledIPEdit.Text].SendStr(ledSendCommand.Text + #13 + #10);"

So far I haven't got any other ideas.

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