> If I have many clients connected and I have all the clients are 
> listed in a "TLISTBOX" or in "COMBOBOX" and I just want to select 
> one of them and send the command.

So you build your combobox, wait 10 seconds, one client disconnects, all
the clients numbers reduce by one and your combobox is out of date. When
you try to send a command to one of them it may be the wrong client or
you'll get an exception because there are fewer clients. 

That's why you were told to use PeerAddr and PeerPort of the client, not
a client number, and look it up immediately before sending a command.  

Or more sensibly, look at the protocol I outlined in the my first message
a few days ago, which included the computer name in the packet fields,
then you can store that and use that instead (assuming your computers
have sensible names.  You should be testing all this between multiple PCs
or VMs, as in real life, not on a single PC. 


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