> I can't find the message you have sent with the computername in the 
> packet fields.

Last Thursday morning. 

My packets looked like this:

TxData: CV121RML-0002|NN130120080707-170202|20080707-170204||||||
RxData: CS010PC08|20080707-160204|0|RML-0002|

where CV was a client ident, CS server ident, three digits for the packet
type, then the computer name (RML-0002 or PC08) followed by | and a
variable number of extra fields depending on packet type.  

The document that described the protocol was over 50 pages long, with
about 70 different packets. The server echoed the client name at the end,
so the client knew it was getting the correct reply.  The database
document that controlled all this was 100 more pages. 


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