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Friday, January 21, 2011, 8:51:33 PM, you wrote:

AG> My first guess is that it is a server issue. The server has to send a
AG> response on the control socket, either success or failure. 
AG> Or for some reason that response was sent however doesn't get thru?
AG> If you can get a RDP connection to user's PC you could install
AG> Wireshark and check that.

I cannot access that computer. I gave that user login and password to
my own FTP server and the result is the same - works in active mode
well and hangs at the end of the passive transfer, when the file is
completely  uploaded.  So  the  server  is  not  to  blame. Besides, I
uploaded  from  the same program to HIS ftp server in passive mode and
had  no  problems.  Futhermore,  I  installed Windows XP to WMWARE and
uploaded files from it, and it also uploaded OK. This is strange.

>> PS: when the user runs the same program with ICS v5 component, it
>> works on that problematic computer ALWAYS ok, i.e. it never hangs.

AG> Hmm, that's indeed strange, are you sure it's the same mode 
AG> passive/active?

Yes,  I'm  sure. The program uses "presets" so the settings are always
the  same. The user only replaces exe file. The old one works, the new
one  hangs.  When  the user replaces the old one back, it works again.
The settings are the same.

But  I  see  there  were a lot of structural changes between V5 and V7
(filenames    changed   and   some   properties   to   FTP   component
added/removed). Can it be that there were some code changes between V5
and V7 that can cause this behavior?

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