FP> Is it confirmed that the server actually send the 226 answer and this is
FP> lost because the client doesn't see it ?

By the moment the software was tested with 2 servers, and the behavior
is  the  same.  We could think that the router is the problem, but the
only unexplained thing remained is why ICS5 works...

I understood that, but nevertheless, I would like to confirm the server send the 226 answer when the download is done. It is possible that something is wrong at the closing of the data connection and so the server never send his 226 status, or the server send it but ICS doesn't get it.

So before continuing with guessing, I would like to know the answer to my question, because this is the next thing I would check myself if I had that problem.

You said you reproduced the issue with your own server being interrogated, so it should be easy for you to spy on the network at your own server and see if the 226 answer is properly sent with his ending CR/LF.

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