We realy need a reproducible test case. I searched the source 
again but was not able to find a change that could lead to the
problem. Double check that you use latest ICSv7 from:

My OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas is V7.17

Arno Garrels

Antol wrote:
> Hello Arno,
> Friday, January 21, 2011, 8:51:33 PM, you wrote:
>> My first guess is that it is a server issue. The server has to send a
>> response on the control socket, either success or failure.
>> Or for some reason that response was sent however doesn't get thru?
>> If you can get a RDP connection to user's PC you could install
>> Wireshark and check that.
> I cannot access that computer. I gave that user login and password to
> my own FTP server and the result is the same - works in active mode
> well and hangs at the end of the passive transfer, when the file is
> completely  uploaded.  So  the  server  is  not  to  blame. Besides, I
> uploaded  from  the same program to HIS ftp server in passive mode and
> had  no  problems.  Futhermore,  I  installed Windows XP to WMWARE and
> uploaded files from it, and it also uploaded OK. This is strange.
>>> PS: when the user runs the same program with ICS v5 component, it
>>> works on that problematic computer ALWAYS ok, i.e. it never hangs.
>> Hmm, that's indeed strange, are you sure it's the same mode
>> passive/active?
> Yes,  I'm  sure. The program uses "presets" so the settings are always
> the  same. The user only replaces exe file. The old one works, the new
> one  hangs.  When  the user replaces the old one back, it works again.
> The settings are the same.
> But  I  see  there  were a lot of structural changes between V5 and V7
> (filenames    changed   and   some   properties   to   FTP   component
> added/removed). Can it be that there were some code changes between V5
> and V7 that can cause this behavior?
> --
> Best regards,
> Antol                  
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