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So, leave SSL apart for now.

I don't see any reasons to leave the SSL because I already spent 3 weeks
with making lot of tests and have learned much about SSL and I will
I am also hoping that you guys try to understand my approach instead of
asking to leave it.
SSL is good enough for me as Arno also has convinced me about it.
If I can figure out few things than I will have no problems of doing my
project to the end because I am already very close to it.

My feel is that your knowledge of the
Delphi language itself is very limited,  and this is not the right place
to learn it.

This is something which isn't easy to tell about what is the limited
Every programmer is good in some fields and the network communication is not

It was been explained to you already, more than one time.

You probably have which I haven't understand i bit of it.
Explaining is one thing and understanding is another.
And expecting that everything is as simple as you have explained and
expecting that the person is capable of understanding exactly what you are
saying is also another thing.

Everything will work perfectly when you guys stop treating me as a guru and
try to give me samples of what can be done and how it can be used.
I am not asking anyone to write code for me, I can do that myself.
All I am asking is explain it with a sample of what can be  done and how can
be done, guide me to the samples, guide me to the direction.
I am most of the time getting one explanation and 4 different directions
such as yours telling me to use something else than what I am trying to do.

Please let's quit this here and continue to some other subjects.

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