RTT wrote:
>> SSL/TLS aktually uses common, powerful and strong encryption
>> algorithms. However secure peer to peer communication is much more
>> than just that. SSL security includes, for instance, peer
>> verification and protects against "Man in the Middle" attacks.
> "Man in the Middle" attacks don't work if the "man in the middle"
> don't know how to handle the encrypted data/protocol he is
> intercepting. 

True, and how do you manage that is not happening?

> Closed standards are inheritable much more secure than
> open standards. 

That's nothing but security through obscurity:

> In this type of projects the use of the of this
> standard is wrong. He just don't need the SSL implementation
> complexity, nor the result slow to start communication, just to get
> his data secure.

I don't know what _he needs, if _you want to invent your own security
standards feel free to do so. SSL/TLS is used and accepted world-wide.

Arno Garrels

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