I am not building a bank system where I would need extremely high security.
It is a very simple monitoring system.
SSL is okay for this as far as I am concerned.

You may be right or may not.
For me the mosty important here is to learn one thing at a time.

If I listen you,
I have to start learning something else also. Your way of handling is not going to help me to understand the ICS sockets better it will make things more complicated and difficult.

A question,
Would you help me with few code examples if I do exactly what you are saying?
I didn't think so.

My motto is,
If you aren't gonna help,
don't bother because I already have got too many ideas and ways to use as the blowfish which you are talking about is one of them. Right now, I don't need ideas which makes things more difficult and complicated, I only need help for learning the ICS socket communication.

If you really want to help me,
Post me few examples (don't explain) of how to?
- Send command to the client socket by using it's computer name
- Recieve WMI information from the client socket ==> I am not asking you to help with WMI, I can do it myself, all I need is how to connect to WMI from server socket to the client socket and receive the data. - How to handle the errors of sockets (example: if client loses the connection it gives error in the window, how this can be handled in the sockets).

This samples could be uploaded to the ICS component site where every starter would have possibility to use them as help source.


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