Could you please clear me up a bit,

If I can...

procedure -->Where should I use for the right result in order to be able to catch the error into the memo (in which procedure: OnBgException or)?
 if ErrCode = 0
   then Display.Lines.Add('Job done')
   else Display.Lines.Add(SslWSocketClient.WSocketErrorDesc(ErrCode));

I don't know where you have the error. So I can't tell you where to put the code ! The most common error occurs when trying to send something while the client the socket is no more connected. And this exception is not caught by OnBgException. You should try to reproduce the error within the debugger so that you exactly know where the exception occur and there use a try/except block. OnBgException is used when the exception is going up to the message pump. Instead of bing triggered in the message pump context, taht is almost anywhere in an application, OnBgException event is called.

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