I just downloaded recent version from SVN and found a strange define in 
It seems that it shouldn't really be CLR but old versions of BCB or something 

And the second thing, I faced with Range check errors inside ICS code. After 
some investigations I've found the root of evil: _PostMessage in 
TCustomWSocket.Send takes wParam as Integer while FHSocket it is called with 
has unsigned type Cardinal. Casting FHSocket to Integer resolved the issue. 
There are several other places where socket handle is posted so I think they 
should be fixed too. And consider using WPARAM/LPARAM types for casting instead 
of general integer ones for higher compatibility.
Moreover, after I've learned some thing regarding x64 I accepted the habit of 
sending/posting pointers/handles ONLY in LParam which is what it intended for. 
So it'd be nice to see it in ICS.

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