I was just wondering, creating a DLL in Delphi and use it as described in
still works or?

Regards, Fredrik

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>>>The .NET code in V7 is unfinished work, it never compiled.

>>Unfinished work, sure. But it worked at some point. And from trhat point
>>changes have been made with no effort to keep it running because no one
>>seems interested anymore in a .NET version.

> Ah, now things are clear. Very pity - lots of efforts in vain!

Yes indeed. I tought people would be interested in having their Delphi.NET 
application up and running quickly. It was not the case.

> Delphi.Net seem to be unuseful thing at all though idea is great.

Delphi.NET is now "Prism" and it is not fully compatible with Delphi.Win32. 
it is almost impossible to have a single source code for both environment. 
Havong to source sets is really too much work for me to keep in sync. This 
was what I made with the Linux/Kylix version and I failed to update Kylix 
version each time Win32 version was updated. Anyway, Kylix was also a 
failure but will soon resurect as the next cross platform Delphi version ! 
It looks like ICS/Kylix could be reused quite easily.

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