The .NET code in V7 is unfinished work, it never compiled.

Unfinished work, sure. But it worked at some point. And from trhat point
changes have been made with no effort to keep it running because no one
seems interested anymore in a .NET version.

Ah, now things are clear. Very pity - lots of efforts in vain!

Yes indeed. I tought people would be interested in having their Delphi.NET application up and running quickly. It was not the case.

Delphi.Net seem to be unuseful thing at all though idea is great.

Delphi.NET is now "Prism" and it is not fully compatible with Delphi.Win32. it is almost impossible to have a single source code for both environment. Havong to source sets is really too much work for me to keep in sync. This was what I made with the Linux/Kylix version and I failed to update Kylix version each time Win32 version was updated. Anyway, Kylix was also a failure but will soon resurect as the next cross platform Delphi version ! It looks like ICS/Kylix could be reused quite easily.

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