>It's not for .NET however for Delphi 7+ and BCB 2006+, what is the
Do you mean that ICS currently couldn't be compiled under .NET?

>FHSocket actually is of type TSocket = u_int = Integer defined in 
>Winsock.pas, WPARAM and LPARAM are of type Integer defined in 
>Windows.pas, there is no cast required. Do you use Delphi?
Aah, I remembered. I changed Winsock.pas so that TSocket is Cardinal which 
really is what it should be (U_int is unsigned undoubtedly, and declaring 
socket as signed is a bug leading to another range check errors in some cases). 
I hope this bug would sometimes be fixed so it's better to cast it explicitly.

>Currently both WPARAM and LPARAM are 32-bit and will be 64-bit 
>in x64, no problem IMO. 
Ok, I didn't know what WPARAM is on x64, tried searching in header files but 
haven't found the declaration. So if they are identical, no problem here.

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