>> The bandwidth control is not very accurate and currently doesn't
>> work with POST requests.
> I use POST requests, so it's sad for me.

Bandwidth throttling is now implemented in the HTTP Client and Server
using BUILTIN_THROTTLE, and works for both POST and GET requests. 

Four demo HTTP projects have been updated with a BandwidthLimit setting,
and speed indication added to two demos.  

OverbyteIcsHttpPost - HTTP client upload a file demo
OverbyteIcsHttpGet - HTTP client download a file demo
OverbyteIcsHttpTst - HTTP client demo (no files)
OverbyteIcsWebServ - HTTP server demo (needed for POST demo)

TWSocketServer also implements bandwidth throttling, so any custom server
applications using this component can easily implement throttling. 

The FTP client and server already implement bandwidth throttling.

These changes are in SVN now and will be zipped overnight. 


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